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Mission: Engagement delivers unique leadership and teamwork training to organisations that understand the importance of creating high performance teams in order to succeed in a fast paced and ever changing world.

Participants are immersed into a challenging, interactive military mission in order to engage their teams, empower their people and evolve their practices. Delivered in a fun and accessible style by experienced military trained instructors, the workshops are available as standalone training events or as part of larger conferences.

Arron (Fulker) Nicholls – Senior Housing Related Support / Enabling Officer at Medway Council

“Attended another great Mission Engagement management session with Iain Jardine highly recommended #management #engagement #session #highlyrecommended”

Team Member of the Defence Legal Team at MOD Abbey Wood

“I was skeptical about a group exercise and particularly standing in front of everyone but it was done in such a way that I felt comfortable doing so much, it was down to the presenting style and inclusivity.”

Tracey – Senior Officer at HM Revenue & Customs

“This is a great interactive event that enables leaders to work and react quickly on decision making processes – all in a very fun way”

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