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The Mission: Engagement team are a hand-picked selection of high performance military officers and aviators who have proven themselves on the front line of military operations. All qualified military instructors, their rich experience and passion for leadership and teamwork brings the Mission: Engagement experience to life. Having been tested in the most demanding of environments, the Mission: Engagement team are now sharing their lessons in leadership and teamwork with organisations in the public and private sectors.

Inside a helicopter

When it comes to leadership and teamwork there are few examples of a more demanding environment than that of Military Aviation. Fast paced, dynamic and unforgiving, operating military aircraft requires every member of the team to be firing on all cylinders and leadership skills are vital. The complexities of operating from a warship at sea, thousands of miles away from home and with limited support means that naval team have to trust and rely on each other in order to survive and achieve their mission.

All Mission: Engagement instructors have proven themselves in the world of Military Aviation and Naval Operations. Having delivered operational success, all were selected for instructor duties and have spent years developing the future officers and aviators of not only the UK’s armed forces, but also allied nations. Passionate about the importance of leadership and teamwork, they intimately understand the necessity of the Engage For Success 4 Enablers and are committed to showing leaders how to use them with their teams.

Meet the Team

Iain Jardine

Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Instructor

Iain Jardine is a former Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot and founder of Mission: Engagement, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Instructor. Iain spent 16 years in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm deploying on multiple operational tours. Deployed to the Middle East in order to provide anti-piracy, anti-smuggling and maritime security he served as Aircraft Commander, Unit Executive Officer and Liaison Officer to local forces, leading his teams to operational success whilst working closely with allied partners. Upon returning from operational service he undertook staff training before becoming a Helicopter Pilot Instructor at the UK’s Defence Helicopter Flying School, training the next generation of Royal Navy, Royal Airforce and British Army Helicopter Pilots. He also served as a Staff Officer and Leadership Instructor at the Royal Navy’s Britannia Royal Naval College, training future Naval Officers from the UK and allied partners in the art of leadership, preparing them to lead their teams on operations around the world. Iain was also responsible for training Royal Navy Helicopter Pilots to fly and fight their aircraft from warships at sea, helping them achieve their coveted ‘Navy Wings’. Upon retiring from the Royal Navy, Iain founded Mission: Engagement and is now sharing the lessons in leadership and teamwork from his career as a naval officer, aviator and leadership instructor.

Pete Mack

Leadership Instructor

Pete Mack is a is a former Royal Navy Aircraft Engineering Officer and now a leadership instructor at Mission: Engagement. He has worked in high tempo roles on the RN search and rescue squadron, a unit responsible for carrying out life-saving missions 24/7 throughout the South West UK as well as a component of the UK’s Maritime Counter Terrorism response. He has also worked at Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth as a leadership instructor and divisional officer for new entrant cadets. Here he developed a programme for retraining those cadets who failed their leadership assessments, designed to give them the confidence and skills to complete the tests and progress in training. He now uses these experiences as a leadership instructor working for Mission: Engagement.

Arron (Fulker) Nicholls – Senior Housing Related Support / Enabling Officer at Medway Council

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