High Performance Workshops

High Performance Workshops

Mission: Engagement training is designed to help organisations ENGAGE their teams, EMPOWER their people and EVOLVE their practices in order to succeed in a fast paced and ever changing world.

The mission will be achieved by using half day or full day workshops to deliver unique, interactive and immersive training. Each workshop consists of the following:
An informative keynote giving attendees the relevant theory on effective leadership, followed by an interactive team exercise based on a military humanitarian mission. The exercise will be concluded with individual reflection, a team debriefing session and then a forum to discuss the key lessons learnt and how these can be applied in their workplaces.

Workshop exercise

Areas covered in the keynote:

  • Busting myths about Military Leadership: Engaging Leadership Vs Command & Control
  • Information Sharing: The importance of planning and briefing to empower teams
  • Kolb Learning Cycle: Why military aviators debrief after every mission to achieve and maintain peak performance

People and Time:

The workshops can be delivered to groups from 10 to 100 people as required.

Half Day workshops – the recommended time is 3 Hrs, although this can be tailored to your needs.

Mission: Engagement workshop

Key benefits of the workshop:

  1. The workshop provides interactive training, utilising reflective practice, peer review and objective feedback.
  2. Due to the interactive and experiential nature of the workshop, participants consistently report being highly engaged with the activities and training.
  3. Previous participants confirmed that they learn valuable lessons to apply to their own teams. These include:

    “Involve and listen to your team”

    “Regular structured communication is important, brief and debrief”

    “Listen to each other, value each other’s experience”

    “Encourage each other equally, be open and transparent”

    “Achieve a common understanding of the task/ goal, stay focused on the goal”

  4. All Mission: Engagement instructors are former military officers, highly qualified and experienced in practical and theoretical training delivery.

Follow-on events:

In addition to our original Mission: Engagement half day workshop, we are pleased to offer a number of add-on half day workshops to further develop your team to employ high performance techniques:

A consolidation session where teams have the opportunity to recap and consolidate the lessons learned in the morning in a second mission in the afternoon. This is a particularly effective method for team building, helping newly established teams move rapidly through the Tuckman Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing model.

If you are looking to improve upon the theories of feedback and how to effectively use them we can offer a more development-centred approach where participants are taught the theories behind effective feedback. Main concepts include the importance of building rapport, Johari Windows, Transactional Analysis, Clean Feedback and the GROW coaching model. Following an interactive mission activity participants apply these theories by giving individual feedback to members of the team, giving them a chance to see how effective the feedback techniques are and how to apply them in real life.

The importance of human factors affecting performance is increasingly being considered in high performance teams. We are pleased to offer a session that focusses on factors such as fatigue, stress, situational awareness, mental processing, leadership and communication. This session would again be based on a team ‘mission’ and the participants reflect on what human factors they experienced during the exercise and how they can help each other mitigate against them in their workplace.

We can also offer one to one executive performance coaching for senior managers to help them implement the techniques and processes covered across their workplace.

Venue Requirements:

Mission: Engagement workshops require a room setup in a cabaret style with a large table for each team. A large screen with HDMI or VGA input is requested for the keynote and exercise brief.

Arron (Fulker) Nicholls – Senior Housing Related Support / Enabling Officer at Medway Council

“Attended another great Mission Engagement management session with Iain Jardine highly recommended #management #engagement #session #highlyrecommended”

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