Mission: Engagement – Coronavirus Update

Free 30-Minute Online Strategy Consultation to help Leaders and Managers

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted on all of our lives, causing a great deal of turmoil as social distancing and isolation imposes new constraints on leaders and our teams.  The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of the current situation has heavily disrupted existing business models and leadership is required now more than ever before.

In order to help leaders and managers understand, adapt and overcome the challenge that the Coronavirus represents, Mission: Engagement is offering a 30-minute online strategy consultation session with one our team for free to any leader that would like some help.

The outcome of the session will be that you have a greater understanding of the current situation you and your team find yourself in and the ability to take the first steps on developing a new strategy to move forward with.

If you would like some help to engage your team, empower your people and evolve your strategy in this VUCA world please get in touch by using the form on our website at:


Good luck and stay safe.


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