High Performance Workshops


Mission: Engagement workshops are half or full day training events where attendees learn, through experience, the best practices of High Performance Teams from Military Operations.  

The day starts with a keynote talk from your instructor on the principles and techniques of High Performance Teams, drawing on experience from their Military Career and relating them to the 4 enablers of engagement. Following the keynote, your team will be placed in the shoes of Military Officers to plan and brief a simulated Military Humanitarian Relief Mission.

It is during this Mission Planning Exercise that the Mission: Engagement techniques come to the fore, with lives depending on them and under time pressure your team will have to work together to achieve their Mission.

On completion of the exercise the team come together and reflect to draw out the important lessons learnt from the exercise, carrying out the all important Mission Debrief. The debrief is critical in Military Aviation, as it provides the space to reflect and provide feedback. This is how high performance teams reach and stay at the top of their game, identifying lessons learnt which can and must be fed back into future planning cycles.


• The workshops provide fun, interactive, immersive training which utilises reflective practice and peer review to take key learning points forward from the exercise.

• Demonstrates and develops a people focused approach to leadership using the 4 enablers of engagement.

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• Participants will experience first-hand the benefits of structured planning, briefing and debriefing, namely:

o Ensuring a comprehensive brief and that nothing is missed

o Everybody understands the “Mission” and the “Main Effort” of the team

o All stakeholders understand their own role and the roles of others clearly

  • And last and certainly not least is that that your team will learn how to Debrief Like a Military Aviator, moving forward with lessons learnt after every project. Open and honestly sharing their thoughts and opinions with each other, celebrating their successes and acknowledging their areas for improvement. It is in the debrief that you see the team bond together, having worked hard together to achieve their goal, this is a team building experience like no other.

    See our Blog for background on the importance of the
    Mission Debrief.

There are a number of High Performance Workshops available for teams and managers including;

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Feedback and debriefing

How Human Factors effect team performance

We can also tailor sessions to suit your organisation's needs. Get in touch to find out more!